Cortigiane a Palazzo

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On the occasion of the Venice Carnival fat Thursday, Manuela Zanvettori was official partner of the great ball “Cortigiane a Palazzo, a costume party held in the splendid eighteenth-century palace of Ca ’Sagredo.
During the event, some of our most precious jewels were exhibited in the 5 stars lounge.


The event also offered the possibility to carry out multiple activities characterizing the day of an eighteenth-century courtesan: in particular for women there was the opportunity to experience clothing, make-up and perfumes typical of the era.

To make this dive in the past even more realistic and suggestive, it was possible to sit at the table of some venetian traditional casino games, or to have the future read by a fortune-teller, to be portrayed by a painter and take potluck with games of the period.


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