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NY Times article on Manuela Zanvettori

Manuela Zanvettori Murano is proud to be mentioned in New York Times. Here’s a little extract of the article about Murano Glass written by Andrew Ferren:  

Murano, Still Sparkling After 700 Years

That’s how I met Manuela Zanvettori – a jeweler who doesn’t wear much jewelry – and how I purchased a year’s worth of glass gifts for female friends.

“I don’t like the weight and feel of things around my neck or wrists,” Ms. Zanvettori said as she pulled out a tray of rings in her light-filled atelier a few steps off Murano’s bustling Fondamenta dei Vetrai. “But I can wear rings, and these are so substantial that you really feel ‘dressed’ with just this one piece.”

The large and luminous glass rings look simultaneously modern and medieval, like the chunky bling you might see on a pope or cardinal’s finger in an old-master portrait. The fact that they cost just 25 euros (about $30, at $1.23 to the euro) takes away the sting of worrying that they might break. In contrast, her new Air collection is almost futuristic, with pendants and earrings composed of nearly weightless bubbles of clear glass filled with delicate shavings of gold, silver and copper.

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